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After a great massage with Eileen you would be hard-pressed not to also leave with a friend. She is personable and takes time to communicate about your massage needs. Her use of light touch, muscle confusion, and cold stone therapy create a unique level of relaxation. My father recently passed, and she put his name under in a very special spot in her space...this was so incredibly thoughtful!

I feel like I’m a pretty good critic. As a nurse and athlete, I assess and evaluate everything! Eileen has a natural talent to ease people’s pain with her touch and innate ability to discern how and what to do to make it feel better.

I first came to her with a neck pain problem that needed to be resolved quickly as I was slated to participate in a triathlon  within days and I could not turn my neck to swim. Her “healing hands” as I call them, did their magic and I was able to swim my triathlon with full range of motion and pain free.

I was elated! Eileen is maternal, yet strong and allows you to choose exactly what you want for your own customized massage. Her cold stone use is an added bonus when you are in pain and again is always your choice. Many massage therapists have their own ways of doing massages and don’t stray from that.

After having Eileen’s individualized, customized massages, I am “home”. I have the highest regards for Eileen and am thankful she has come into my massage life! I have referred her to others and will happily continue to do so.
      Best wishes Eileen, and may you always have a spot for me with your “healing hands” . . . :)



If you are looking for a customized massage experience, you really need to book a session with Eileen at North Shore Massage.  She takes the time to talk with you about your concerns and truly understands what massage techniques work best for you.

I have had years of experience working with different massage therapist and Eileen has been the most effective and enjoyable therapist I’ve been to.

Cheryl – Salem, NH


The term 'diamond in the rough' definitely describes North Shore Massage!  Eileen is a gold mine found through Groupon!  I went to see her in pain and hoped that I would at least leave feeling relaxed.  Little did I know she was my Massage Whisperer.  Her knowled of the human body and its needs were impressive.  She was determined to ease my pain.  I left her room released of pressure and sharp pains in my lower back.  I felt so great that I booked another one on the spot for myself and for my 14 year old daughter who is a swimmer.  My daughter constantly asks when her next appointment is......"after mine" is what I tell her!!!!

Thank you Eileen for such great and loving care.



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