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Explanation of Types of Massages

Compression Massages for Children especially those with Sensory Issues.                

I have experience with sensory issue children, an autistic child and children with anxiety.  In the beginning your child will be fully clothed and under a blanket if they wish.  Besides soft music and lighting your child will be taught how to use belly breathing for better relaxation.  These massages are totally customized as each child can and cannot tolerate various degrees of touch.

Comfort Touch™ Massage

Designed especially for the elderly and/or ill person seeking to experience improved Quality of Life through nurturing touch.

Comfort Touch is a style of massage that gives special consideration to the physical and emotional needs of the elderly and/or ill client. Its primary intention is to provide comfort through techniques that promote deep relaxation and relief from pain. This modality does not require the use of oil or lotion, so it is possible to work with the client who is fully clothed. Pillows and towels are used to help position the client comfortably. It can be performed with the client in a wheelchair, in a hospital bed, a regular bed, in a recliner or in a chair. Giving special attention to the needs of the client, this touch therapy is applied in a slow, respectful and comforting manner. This is truly a gift to give yourself or a loved one.

Swedish Massage

Perfect choice for the first-time massage client and all-time favorite of seasoned massage enthusiasts.

A Swedish massage is relaxing, feels good and is invigorating. Applying techniques including long strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, percussion, vibration, effleurage, and rocking motions, it affects the nerves, muscles, glands, and circulation, while promoting health and well being. It relaxes muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones, and always works in the same direction as the flow of blood to the heart. Its purpose is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage

Great for those who are stressed out and feel tied up in knots. Preferred by both executives and athletes.

When muscles are stressed they block oxygen and nutrients, leading to inflammation that builds up toxins in the muscle tissue. A deep-tissue massage helps loosen muscle tissues, release toxins from muscles and get blood and oxygen circulating properly. The purpose of deep tissue massage is to "unstick" the fibers of a muscle while releasing deeply-held patterns of tension, removing toxins, thereby relaxing and soothing the muscle. It is both corrective and therapeutic.



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