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March, 17, 2018

     Waiting, I am, for the little Leprechaun to appear at my door, pass out 4 leaf clovers for good luck and turn 2018 around for me and those around me.  I don't even care about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow at this point.  

     Ever have a year that you could not wait to be over due to the negative things that have gone on that year?  Do you like even years rather than odd.  My answer is yes to both of those questions.  A year 2018 what could be better in the number department?  

     Hmmmmmmmm here we are into March and 2017 seems to have followed me into 2018.  Can you relate?  The list could go on and on and there is nothing terminal, nothing catastrophic just illnesses that greatly interrupted the flow of my life, but especially my business.  

     The frustration, angst, embarrassment and feeling irresponsible

 calling clients, saying I am sick, I am moving, my Mom is sick and the snow storms, then no heat in the building now I have the flu.  I am contagious and no one would want to be with me.  

      Radical Acceptance.....  What does that mean?  I just found out it means:  It is what it is!   When I heard that phrase I despised those words.  They are, however, freeing.  The situation is the way it is, nothing I can or could do would change a thing.  I move forward, resume and appreciate what I have received since the new year has begun.  

      I am blessed.  Although sick, I am not terminal, I can walk, dress, feed myself, drive my car and I have a car.  See my family and attend grandchildren's events.   I have a home.

      My massage office, with my clients is one of my happy places.  I have many clients who have stayed with me through all of these ups and downs.  You will never know how deep my appreciation goes for all of you. You are special to me and I love going to my office to see you.  This year has brought many new clients and repeat clients and their families.  I am grateful and blessed.  As for the rest of the unfortunate things  that have gotten in my way? 

      What do I do?  What do any of us do?  I do not think St. Paddy's Day is going to change the luck of this Irish lady, maiden name Doherty, mother's maiden name Garrigan and then I married Timothy Mahoney. I think I qualify for this special day.  After writing all of this I realize something special.

      Maybe St. Patrick's day is for the people who are not Irish!  Perhaps it is for those who are not as blessed as I am.  People with sick children, soldiers overseas, terminal illnesses and flooded homes.  As I finish this blog it seems that the Leprechaun has already given me my clover, the rainbow and the pot of gold.  It was necessary for me to look to see what was right here in my own home to realize that I have already been blessed with the luck of the Irish.

To all of my clients thank you for all your patients.

Eileen Mary (Doherty) Mahoney 





November 27, 2017

Happy Post Thanksgiving and Pre-Holiday Season.

Wondering what to give everyone for the holiday?  Of course you would expect me to say my massage gift certificates, which would be a wonderful gift but you might also try the gift of you by writing.  You do not have to be a whiz at words.  This gift is like no other and a once in a lifetime writing.   Massage is not the only thing one can do with their hands there is always writing!

In searching for a unique gift for a close friend's birthday.  I found a set of bound envelopes with titles on each flap; open when you feel lonely or lost, open on your next birthday, open when you want to be inspired etc.  I bought mine at Barnes and Noble but they are less expensive through Amazon.  It is a thought-filled gift to inspire, appreciate and motivate someone special in your life and it will last forever.  

On the last few open envelopes that say "Open when ......" you get to choose the subject.  My first thought was I can rip those two envelopes out but I decided to write them for birthdays way out in the future.  We never get to say the things we think about people until we can't say them any more.  They are gone.  

I want people in my lives to see themselves in the positive light that I and others see them.   This exercise makes you conjure up the nicest, funniest and interesting things about that person and about yourself.  

This did not start out to be about my Dad, but that is where this writing is bringing me.  He died on Mother's Day.  There are no more words, hugs, or gentle touches that can take place between us. What I wouldn't give to have something in writing from him.  I do have memories, a great deal of them, but not his thoughts and words in writing.  I want the people in my life to know how special they are and have it in writing for forever.  My sisters, who I hope will not read this blog right now will each be getting one for Christmas.  I also purchased one for a grandchild, but since I have 4 this will be a work in progress.  Stay tuned. Hope this blog might provide you some food for thought on the Holiday gift-giving  ideas.  It is easy on the pocket book but rich in content.

   Well, that is it for tonight.  This is my first attempt at writing a blog.  

   Hopefully it was interesting and helpful to you. For me, I am so excited. I finally did it!!!!   

Take good care everyone,   Eileen




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